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Beautiful Skin
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Gleaux Aesthetics is owned and operated by a registered nurse. Being a part of the medical profession for many years, I have knowledge of the functions of the body and know proven ways to incorporate that experience into improving the health of skin. I follow results-based protocols and I utilize the best standards of care in the aesthetics industry. I am not only qualified to care for your skin, I also want to be an advocate for the “whole you”.

Let’s Talk About the New Products Coming Soon!

We have a current line but new products are in production now!

Gleauxing Skin

Gleaux Aesthetics offers therapeutic & aesthetic skin treatments to help renew your skin’s health through results-oriented skincare. Whether your concern is acne, dark spots or anti aging, we are here to work with you to get your skin gleauxing! We provide a safe, personalized experience with top notch customer service.

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