Shalana is a Louisiana native and registered nurse with over 13 years experience, 10 years as a Medical/Surgical nurse and the past 3 years as a skincare & aesthetics nurse.

In addition to educating her clients about skincare as self-care, Shalana’s niche is helping women of color correct hyperpigmentation such as dark spots & uneven skin tone as well as improve their overall skin health. Combining education and the use of results-oriented products, Shalana’s results has been featured in a published book, “Multicultural Skin Treatments” by Joelle Lee.

By customizing wholistic treatment plans for each client, which include regular professional treatments, diet, stress management, and a quality product regimen to maintain results of treatments, Shalana is able to collaborate with clients to achieve the best results.

In 2020, to continue to maximize the positive results of her clients, Shalana released her brand of skincare products, Gleaux Aesthetics Skincare, formulated to correct uneven skin & address all forms of aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it necessary to wear sunscreen daily?
Absolutely! Everyone should wear it….EVERY day, even on cloudy days. Sun is very damaging to the skin and it is the number one culprit of premature aging of the skin. It also changes the DNA of the skin and can contribute to skin cancer.
What is a chemical peel?
Chemical peels are liquid solutions that are applied to the skin to remove damaged outer layers of the skin.
Can I receive a chemical peel on the first visit?

The short answer is no. The skin must be conditioned and balanced prior to the administrations of any chemical peels. This is best practive and the safest way to deliver results with minimal to no complications.

Can I purchase Gleaux Aesthetics Skincare products online?

Currently, Gleaux Aesthetics Skincare is exclusively sold to Shalana’s clients. 

I’ve never been so pleased with how my skin looks…7 days after, I still have a gleaux!


Been with Shalana for a year and she’s just as wonderful as ever! My skin has COMPLETELY transformed!

Taylor B

Always an excellent experience. Shalana is so professional and my skin is looking AMAZING!


I love the service and Shalana has great energy and conversation!


Shalana discusses not only your skin’s immediate state but your diet, stress level, sun exposure…all things that contribute to your skin health with each visit. 


Shalana is very attentive and comes up with solutions to ensure you achieve and maintain healthy skin.


Shalana is extremely knowledeable and informative during your services. She helps to improve your skin from the inside out. 


Shalana is very attentive and patient with me and all of my questions. She is very knowlwedgeable and passionate about skincare.

M Smith

Shalana is the ultimate professional and expert when it comes to skincare. I started my skincare journey with her in 2017 and my skin has improved tremendously.


I have been coming to Shalana for 2 years and she is absolutely amazing! She has a passion for skincare and continues to educate herself and her clients on the best options for their skincare journey.


Shalana provides the highest level of skincare professionalism.


I have been coming to Shalana for 2 years!!! Excellent service always!