Your hormone levels are CONSTANTLY changing. Between moodiness, irritability, hot flashes and crying for no damn reason, it is crystal clear that hormones are to blame for these behavior changes but did you know that hormonal fluctuations are also affecting your daily skin health? Being knowledgeable about what’s going on with your skin during the month and adjusting your regimen accordingly will be key in maintaining a beautiful GLEAUX, especially when the changes are not positive.


During your menstrual cycle, your skin goes through weekly hormonal changes. At the very beginning of your cycle, your estrogen and progesterone levels are very low. The result is dull & dry skin. If you experience dryness during this time, incorporate a product such as a hydrating mask, toner or hyaluronic acid serum. All of these products will help support your skin at this time, especially the hyaluronic acid serum, which hydrates at a deeper level in the skin. Also, if you’re using products that contain alpha hydroxy acids or retinol, it may be helpful to skip a couple of nights as these ingredients tend to dry the skin. Next up is gorgeous GLEAUX!

Have you ever noticed at certain times of the month, your skin starts to look good as hell?! Well, it’s because your estrogen levels are starting to rise. Estrogen increases collagen & elastin and in the presence of these two, the skin is firmer and tighter. Hyaluronic acid is also produced at this time. Again, hyaluronic acid is responsible for adding hydration and increasing moisture levels in the skin. The result is beautiful, plump and radiant skin. Estrogen also helps to regulate sebum (oil) production, keeping it at a minimum. At this time in your cycle, you may notice your skin is flawless and it literally has a GLEAUX to it! One more thing about all of this estrogen!…it has a counter effect on progesterone & testosterone, which reduces breakouts! Yep…less pimples!  So this is your time, sis…go for the filter free selfies this week because unfortunately, your GLEAUX will be short lived!

Have you noticed that after a successful run of filter-free selfies, like clockwork, a new pimple starts its shit on your face approximately one week prior to your period? Dammit!! Well, what had happened was….After ovulation, your body produces progesterone. If did not conceive, your estrogen levels will plummet and now, in the absence estrogen, progesterone and testosterone will have more of an influence on your skin health….in a BAD way!

Progesterone swells skin, which compress & narrow the opening of your pores & it also increases sebum (oil) production. So, here it is, sis… the formula of why that damn pimple shows up EVERY month without fail…excess oil, dead skin & bacteria ALL within a narrowed pore. Unfortunately, this recipe is the perfect storm for that painful, uglass pimple! Now before you start overdoing it in an attempt to get rid of the offender, remember balance is key so do not overdo it. Ok? Here’s what you need….Look for products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or one of my favorites, retinol. All of these ingredients will help to decrease oil production and retinol has the additional benefit of immediately working to reduce that dreaded dark mark that the pimple often leaves behind! #bonus

So, there you have it! The reason that damn pimple shows up every month like clockwork…your hormones are to blame! Now that you know what’s REALLY going on, you can make some tweaks in your regimen. Remember, when your skin changes, so should your regimen. The skin is an ever-changing organ and constantly exposed to the outside world but don’t forget that what’s going on inside plays a very important role in skin health as well. Eating REAL food, limiting dairy & sugar intake and keeping stress levels at a minimum should also be included as a part of your healthy skincare regimen.

One last thing, I’m sending you very positive and balanced skin vibes because guess what, sis?! You get to do it ALL over again next month!



If your pimple is cystic and painful, opt for a spot treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide as it is the best ingredient to treat these types of breakouts effectively.

Ice the zit! Yep! It’s cheap and it works. Icing painful pimples a few times a day will decrease inflammation, which decreases redness and pain.

When using products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or retinol, do not overdo it! Balance is important because if you use too much or use these items too frequently, excessive dryness is the result. #nogleaux