Lactic acid is a mild exfoliant used in skincare for it’s great skin renewal and hydrating benefits.

Lactic acid is in a group of acids called alpha hydroxy acids. Lactic acid is derived from milk or fruit sugars. Cleopatra, who was known for her beautiful skin, reportedly used sour milk on her skin for its renewal and anti- aging properties.

Lactic acid has the ability to accelerate cellular turnover while adding moisture to the skin. It helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles and if used regularly, it can also be used to treat superficial hyperpigmentation. Because of its mild exfoliation properties, side effects are usually very minimal with the use of lactic acid. This also makes it a really great exfoliating, anti aging option for those with sensitive skin.

How can you incorporate lactic acid into your daily regimen?
In the treatment room, many of the chemical peels I use contain lactic acid along with other acids to target hydration and improve moisture levels in the skin. Another favorite of mine are high quality serums. Serums are packed with potent, effective ingredients and the best way, in my opinion, to incorporate any acids into your regimen. Cleansers & moisturizers that contain lactic acid would also be a great addition.

Pro skin tips:
💎Start using lactic slowly (a couple of times per week) to build a tolerance and increase every few weeks.
💎It’s imperative to wear daily skin protection when incorporating lactic acids into your regimen.