Hormones are chemical messengers that are responsible for controlling and coordinating activities throughout the body. Hormones are important for sexual & reproductive function, growth, hunger and stress. If you’ve dealt with any form of hormonal imbalances, chances are you’ve seen it manifest in your skin.

Estrogen is important in skin health. Estrogen is responsible for the skin’s hydration levels, skin thickness and wrinkles. In essence, it helps our skin look youthful, moisturized and plump. As we age, estrogen levels decline and therefore, dry skin & wrinkles become problematic.

During extended periods of stress, increased testosterone levels can cause acne. This is the reason for an increase in breakouts during stressful periods. Also, during “that time of the month”, hormonal imbalances are to blame for that pesky pimple or two that pops up without fail! Some even find themselves dealing with acne in menopause due to the same hormonal imbalances.

Melasma is a condition when hyperpigmentation occurs as a result of hormones imbalances. This condition is more prevalent in those that take oral contraceptives or those that are on hormone replacement therapy. Also, pregnancy can induce a form of hyperpigmentation called cholasma, which often resolves after delivery.

As you can see there are many skin conditions that can arise from the slightest hormone imbalance. What can you do to alleviate & support your skin during these times? Besides the obvious of reducing stress levels, eating a balanced diet and having a regular schedule of intentional movement in your lifestyle, you should seek a skincare professional in order to help you add to or adjust your regimen to help support and correct your skin.