Hyperpigmentation is the most common condition clients seek my help for. Dark spots left from old acne lesions can be quite pronounced and if not treated with the correct products & professional treatments, it leaves many feeling frustrated, defeated & it can have a profound effect on self-confidence.

Hyperpigmentation occurs as a result of an inflammatory process in the skin. When the skin is inflamed due to acne, sun exposure or injury (cuts/burns), extra melanin is deposited into the skin & hyperpigmentation occurs.

Hormone fluctuations due to medication use & pregnancy can also cause hyperpigmentation.

There are several different treatment options available for hyperpigmentation but having the right person, the right product & patience is key to treat this condition because in most instances, hyperpigmentation does take a long time to fade & correct completely. Lasers for skin of color has also been used with great efficacy for hyperpigmentation.

Are your dark spots bothering you? Are you tired of applying makeup in an effort to hide your dark spots? Has your self confidence taken a hit because of dark spots on your face?

Let’s work on correction NOT cover up!