The health of your body and skin is directly related to the ph balance. This is a balance of acidity & alkalinity.

One of the skin’s functions is to defend itself & being slightly acidic at approximately 5.5 is necessary to help it ward off bacteria, fungus & viruses. Our skin has a “gatekeeper” called the acid mantle. It’s gatekeeper ability to defend is affected by changes in ph level.

When we consistently eat a diet high in sugar and processed foods or utilize incorrect skincare products for our skin type, the balance is thrown off & this often leads to irritation & dermatitis. Also, dryness may occur because this imbalance allows our skin to lose moisture quicker than it normally would had it been balanced.

Many believe that they have sensitive skin because every product used causes irritation or causes more dryness, when in fact they’re most likely dealing with imbalance of ph & a compromised acid mantle. Once the correct products are used and diet modifications are made, this can be corrected.

Are you having excessive dry skin or breakouts with the use of any product? You’re most likely dealing with ph imbalance. Once balance is restore with the proper regimen, your skin will begin to gleaux!