Are you getting enough sleep? If you’re not, chances are your mood, alertness & cognition have been negatively impacted but did you also know that your skin is affected as well?

Adequate sleep is essential for the skin to repair & restore itself. When you consistently deprive yourself of sleep, your body goes into a stressed mode & it releases the hormone cortisol. The presence of extra cortisol stresses your skin and creates inflammation, which breaks down collagen. Collagen is responsible for our skin’s plumpness. This breakdown causes fine lines and wrinkles, therefore aging the skin’s appearance.

As we sleep, blood circulation to our skin is increased leading to a gleauxing complexion. In the presence of limited sleep, blood flow is decreased & the appearance of skin becomes dull & lifeless.

Have you ever noticed dark circles under your eyes after a night of minimal sleep? It’s because blood vessels in the eye area dilate when sleep is cut short & because the skin of the under eye area is so thin, dark circles are more apparent.

Having a good night’s rest is a great way to work on your gleaux from the inside out. As someone who has had bouts of insomnia throughout the years, I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I’m not getting enough sleep.

What differences have you noticed in your skin when you’re not getting enough sleep? I would love to hear from you!

Not-So Fun Fact: Elevated cortisol levels are also responsible for increased deposits of fat, particularly in the belly area & decreased immunity….so, if you’re having trouble losing weight or if you’re getting sick often, GET.SOME.SLEEP!