Have you ever wondered how long it will take your new skincare regimen to start producing noticeable results?

The life cycle of a skin cell is approx 6 weeks. The immature cell leaves the deep layer of the skin (dermis) & as the cell rises to the top (epidermis), they mature and eventually die.

This process is called cell turnover. Keeping this cycle in mind, 6 weeks is a reasonable time for you to see noticeable improvements in your skin once a new regimen has been started. Some changes, such as improvement in texture and radiance can be appreciated in as little as 2 weeks

If your skin needs more correction as in the case of higher grades of acne or hyperpigmentation, this cycle has to occur a few times for correction.

 Regular exfoliation is very beneficial to encourage cell turnover. When choosing an exfoliant (i.e. scrubs), choose a scrub that has round beads so that they can gently buff the dead skin away without creating micro injuries in the skin.