I LOVE this cold weather! I think it’s really good for our bodies to experience different environmental temperatures. This weather reminds me of my Kansas City days…..I see that they’ve already had snow there this week, I’m low-key jealous!

Falling temperatures means that your skincare regimen will most likely require a tweak to help keep your skin properly hydrated. The decrease in humidity, the cold air and artificial heat from heating sources will most likely have you feeling tight and dry.

So what can you do to help your skin transition?

Switch your cleanser to one with a creamier or gel consistency, add a hydrating serum such as hyaluronic acid and swap out your moisturizer for a more hydrating formula. Once you made these tweaks, be consistent & give it some time, your skin will take a bit to adjust…. Now, I do realize that it may be “summer” again here in 5 days but do your best to help support your skin during these weather fluctuations.

Remember….radiant & hydrated skin is the ultimate way to gleaux! Make today a good one!